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MC Systems IT consultants have experience of working with national and international clients in a wide variety of IT and business process improvement projects.


DBS Bank Singapore
Provided design and implementation support for a new Singapore based call centre. The centre primarily handles credit card transactions and markets financial services to AB profile clients. Extensive use was made of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to enable the delivery of a wide selection of services to a growing and demanding customer base. One of DBS’s challenges was to ensure that their most “profitable” customers were always serviced in a timely and efficient manner. This was achieved by the introduction of “Gold” customers that were identified via the IVR system and prioritised through the voice and IT systems.
Barclays Mercantile
Consultant responsible for the evaluation and design of a 120-seat call centre based in Basingstoke. The centre is responsible for selling financial leases and term loans direct to the Barclays customer base. The operation will implement a new CRM based IT solution in Q3 2000. All product information will be held on a business wide intranet platform. Pro-CV is currently involved in a sales process re-view and redesign.
Carried out a technical and process based evaluation of two Barclaycard operations based in Manchester and Stockton. The two centres had recently implemented a new IT desktop solution along with the change to a new telephone switch. The centres were not performing as expected or meeting customer service levels. The evaluation carried out over a period of 3 – 4 weeks identified key changes in processes, operational and resource management, the requirement to deliver specific information to the agent desktop and the need for critical functional improvements to the telephone switching systems.
Rail Europe
Carried out a service review within the Rail Europe Waterloo call centre. The aim was to identify areas for process improvement and to define areas for technology support. The review identified a 10% process improvement opportunity and a further 17.5% technology improvement potential benefit. Pro-CV is currently assisting Rail Europe with resource planning and the development of an IT functional specification for a new CRM based booking system. The system will be utilised across the Rail Europe and Eurostar operations focusing specifically on the potential sales of additional value added services such as hotels, car hire and insurance. The system will be intranet/Internet based.
Calor Gas UK Ltd
Call centre consultant responsible for providing business strategy, systems and technology, environmental design, recruitment and training advice for this state of the art 180 seat centre based in Leamington Spa. The Customer Support Centre includes back office administration and tele-marketing functions. Calor Gas faced the challenge of relocating their existing head office from Slough to Leamington Spa whilst introducing a cultural change to the way they communicated with their customer base. The operation was developed around IBM AS/400, IBM Callpath CTI and a Meridian telephone system. A new intranet product database was designed and shared with their dealers. The intranet was also available at every agent desk to aid efficient handling of customer enquiries.
IBM UK limited
Developed, implemented and managed IBM's UK 24hour x 365 day Customer Service and Tele-marketing centre. The centre was recognised as the best IT call centre in the UK handling 30,000+ calls per week and delivering £38 million revenue through its telemarketing operation.. The National Call Centre was key to IBM's "Single point of contact" Customer Service strategy. The centre developed a highly successful outsourcing service providing call handling services to HM Government and many UK based financial institutions.
British Telecom
Carried out a review across 12 BT 192 centres with the objective of identifying management and organisational improvements. The review enabled BT to make key changes in operational management and leadership style, which lowered attrition rates by 50%.
Call centre design consultant responsible for providing business development, design and build support for this major UK distributor. The new 100-seat call centre is based in Rugby and utilises IBM call path CTI and SDX ACD technology. Increased productivity along with the pro-active use of outbound calling has led to order handling capacity rising by £6m / annum from the same headcount.
London Regional Transport
Managed and delivered a performance review with full recommendations to the LT Board. The review led to changes in business process, staff scheduling and management responsibilities. LT faced the challenge of a potential relocation out of London. A business case was developed that identified the importance and need for local, London travel knowledge with the subsequent decision taken to maintain the operation in central London. A new Rockwell telephone switch was installed to handle the increasing call traffic volume.
Requested to perform a technical evaluation of current set-up and business performance. The findings were implemented within 24 hours following executive management review. The result led to the full use of all 90-telephone lines and a significant increase in ticket revenue. The switch installation and programming did not reflect the customer calling profile. Abandoned call rates were high and lines were blocked. The solution was to rewrite/reprioritise voice response scripts and to redistribute agent resource.
Rockwell Electronic Trading
Call centre design and consultancy support for a new European technical help centre based in Milton Keynes and a US intranet based Call Centre in Chicago. The centres deliver global 24-hour response to their installed base of ACDs. Both centres now share a common customer database and an intranet system that provides instant update of current “fixes” to their distributors and engineers around the world.

MC Systems consultants have also supported major projects with:

ARRIVA Transport – Train services
Mencap – Call centre outsource
Foresters Friendly Soc – Call centre outsource
The Money Store – Financial based (Mortgages) call centre in Docklands
IRPC – HR support operation in Leicester
Thames Water – Customer services Call Centre Swindon
Blake’s Boating Holidays – Travel and holiday Reservation Centre Wroxham
Control Risks Group – Design and build of a 24-Hour Global Help-Desk for an international security company
Nuffield Hospitals Group – Design and development of an intranet based call centre
Bailey Telecom – Design and build of a Technical Support centre in Leeds
SDX Business Systems (now Lucent) Technical Support Centre in Welwyn Garden City
Ridgeons – Builders supplies tele-sales operation based in Cambridge
Scottish Courage – new contact centre in Livingstone